Our Vision

Our dream for our yoga teaching is to share the absolute joy that we have discovered through our yoga practice. In our yoga teaching, we always include poses (asana), pranayama (breathing) and meditation. Our classes take place in our serene and tranquil studio with options for the skilled practitioner, fitness fanatic or couch god(dess). We have a particular interest in low or decreased mobility and flexibility and classes are adapted to suit particular needs, interests and skill levels. This is a space where you can restart, restore, recharge and refocus.

"Yoga was never a competitive sport, it is an inward practice designed to build awareness, non-attachment, equanimity and contentment. We do not use the body to get into a pose, we use the pose to get into the body.” Bernie Clark

Our Teachers

Sanet Fourie

“My journey with yoga started about 15 years ago. Initially, I saw it only as a way to exercise but I gradually opened up to yoga as a mental, physical and spiritual practice. Through yoga I found the means to balance my heart, mind, body and soul and it provided me with a new perspective on life and what is important to me.

I have recently become fascinated with energy healing and am exploring the different ways in which healing modalities can be applied in a yoga class, without losing the essentials of a yoga practice.  Simple approaches like using hands during a meditation practice to bring about self-healing, or using seed sounds and mantras linked to specific chakras as a chakra balancing exercise, has given my yoga practice so much depth and meaning.

I teach beginners and more general Hatha yoga, and chair yoga for yogis with limited or decreased mobility.  I completed my training at Yoga Connection Centurion and am registered with the South African Yoga Teachers’ Fellowship.

Caron da Silva

My yoga journey started over 18 years ago after a serious car accident left me with  restricted movement to which I had to adapt and adjust my lifestyle. No more dancing, horse riding or kickboxing….then I discovered yoga, and fell in love. It developed into a long-term love affair and, with its many facets and aspects, yoga is my life-long adventure. As I have had to adapt so much of what I do to suit my body’s limitations in my own practice, I realised that I could share this with others who have similar limitations to make peace with their body and find joy in movement and stillness.

I recently visited Rishikesh, India, to complete my training with the Siddhi School of Yoga, with a particular emphasis on alignment and adjustment. This has added an awareness to my practice and teaching of the importance of following the body’s unique structure and abilities. These guidelines help to avoid injury and maximise the body’s ability to remain fluid and supple preventing the onset of age- related stiffness and immobility –restorative yoga, Hatha yoga and chair yoga are my favourites.

I have practiced kriya* yoga for many years and this has been an essential element in keeping balance and awareness through many changes and challenges in my life. This is something that I incorporate into my classes .

*kriya is a yoga form of ‘action’ that uses breath work, meditation and cleansing to bring the physical and energy bodies into balance and harmony.

By accepting my body and its limitations, I have been able to find peace of mind, harmony with my emotions and a connection with the flows and rhythms of life and nature. Through yoga, pranayama and meditation I have come to know and accept myself and other travelers as unique and extraordinary beings.

Candice Dorfling

I am a trauma counsellor, yoga instructor and body psychology enthusiast. For the better part of six years I have worked with at-risk communities in the inner city of Pretoria while obtaining my B.A degree in Psychological Counselling.

The last two years I have spent working with vulnerable and destitute women where I have offered therapeutic yoga classes to assist these women in dealing with stress, anxiety and depression related to trauma. Here I discovered the incredible potential for recovery through therapeutic body based techniques and believe this becomes the catalyst for personal well being.

Dhanwant Dalene (Dalene Pierini)

I have been doing yoga since 2001.  My first experience on the mat was with Hatha Yoga in Vanderbijl Park. I felt at home on the mat straight away, and my  desire to know more about yoga led me to my  teachers training in 2003 during which I was introduced to Kundalini.

As with Hatha yoga, I was intrigued by Kundalini Yoga from day one, and started attending classes.  I completed my Hatha training and started giving classes in 2006.  In 2007 I embarked on the Level One Kundalini Teachers Training and while teaching at the same time, completing Level One in 2008.
I added two Level Two Teachers Training courses; Vitality and Stress (2009) and Life Cycles and Life Styles (2013)

I have been teaching Kundalini Yoga in various studios in the Vaal triangle and Pretoria.

I absolutely love Kundalini Yoga, for me there is nothing quite like it – the way it facilitates transformation – it’s subtle and yet so strong, it uplifts and support on all levels.

The technology of Kundalini Yoga is designed to transform ourselves gently into an authentic, true shape, by raising our vibrations with asana, pranayama, mudra, bhanda and sound current.